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we raja sisters are both cavity-prone writers, new media crusaders, eternal students and everyday activists turned bloggers. we believe that our expanding interconnectivity holds promise. in the epoch of poetic photo essays, epic mashups, cyber graffiti and nonlinear collaboration, digital citizenship offers us a new space for public-ness. it empowers users to become artists and mobilizes their art to energize change. thus, we are dedicated to discovering, sharing and celebrating the vital bond that ties media and art to action.

    We heart [fill in the blank]

    When Marley sang “One Love,” you could feel it.  When individuals come together and connect with one another on common ground, the outcome is material and electric.  It is the root of empathy and humanity.  This is what Danish architect,  Bjarke Ingels, seemed to have in mind when he gave NYC a valentine this year.  Known for welding urban theory, pragmatism, and optimism, Ingels activated BIG ♥ NYC—a 10-foot tall, 400 acrylic tube light installation in the heart of Time Square. 

    The eco-friendly bulbs translate the flow of inter-connectivity by glowing brighter and pulsing faster as more people make contact with the sculpture’s touch-sensitive base.  As we passed by Time Square today, the throbbing energy was infectious. Made us think about how discovering our commonalities may led to new ways to celebrate differences.  What do ‘we’ heart? Let us know what you think here or @mediaartaction.

    — 2 years ago

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